PhotoRoom is a free app who allows to remove background quickly and to edit photos to sell online.

How much time are you spending on taking pictures and retouching them for your social media or selling your products on your marketplace? A lot. Recently I discover a new app called PhotoRoom that allows you to create amazing product photos just in a minute. And trust me, this app is going to save you a lot of time. How ? I’ll tell you why in this article.

1. Remove background in seconds

When I say in seconds I actually mean it. The process is so easy I am still figuring out how it is possible. Basically, from the app choose to take a picture or pick one from your gallery. From the moment you click on the picture, the app already removed the background. So now you have your object, your face, or whatever you took with your camera, and the background is removed. How magic is that! And the result is actually pretty good. So now you can go to the next step which is choosing a new background. 

2. Add any other background for free

If you sell online your products on Amazon you will probably need a white background. But if you advertise your products on Facebook or Instagram maybe you would need something fancier. The good news is you have plenty of choices. The free version offers more than 120 background templates which is a lot. And the cherry on the cake, they are actually gathered into categories to help you choose more quickly. 

Of course, if you want to have access to more background templates you can update to the Pro version. The Pro version cost £9.99/month or £49.99/year. In my opinion, it’s not that expensive if you use it frequently. Going Pro will allow you the remove the logo of the company, export the photo in HD quality, optimize and resize the photos for your favorites platforms, and above all it will give you access to a thousand new templates. 

Photoroom is a free app which you can remove the backgroung of a picture and replace it very easily.

An exemple of what you can do with this App. Here I just used one of my shoes. 

3. Download or share your edited picture

Once your picture is edited, you can download and share it for free. If you stick with the Free version, you will not get an HD quality but still. You will get at least a 1080 x 1080 pixel square picture for the smaller size. 


If you sell your products online you should definitely get this app and use it. Even if it’s hard to admit it as a Photographer, this app does a great job to remove a background quickly. This app can be a very useful tool. Well, what could I say more, even Techcrunch made a post about this app. But keep in mind, you will always get a better result by hiring a professional.  editor/retoucher. 

Download the App here